About Helen Bradshaw - Helen Bradshaw Photography

Artists' Statement

The ability to freeze a moment of time and preserve its essence so that others can cherish the emotions which it invokes within oneself is why I am fascinated with photography. I aim to do more than simply capture pieces of time; I aspire to shape these images in such a way that they will enrapture the mind and soul of any who lay eyes upon them.  

Everyday of our lives, we awaken to a realm teeming with surreal scenery, yet, most people’s lives are too busy to fully appreciate the artistry that surrounds them. Therefore, I strive to capture that beauty in my work with stunning color combinations and clear, simple composition. Personally, I feel that my photographs are most successful, when, not only do they exhibit visual beauty, but also inspire an emotional connection with anyone who sees them. I endeavor to have my photographs draw people in and allow them to experience a mystical world that is not often seen. 

Nature contains a rich variety of scenery just waiting to be made into something magical. For all the work involved in finding the perfect image, a truly mesmerizing photograph is one to treasure. Without the outlook of artist, it would be nigh impossible to achieve such marvelous representations of Mother Nature’s radiant beauty. 

When I work, I prefer to keep all aspects of my composition in the most straightforward and natural form as is attainable. Long before I click the shutter of the camera, I have envisioned how the image will be received. 

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